Mais qui se cache derrière FIELDS ?

FIELDS is a bilingual, French and English bi-annual magazine and multimedia platform about activists, change-makers and the context they evolve in. Inspiration is everywhere, through storytelling we want to place our readers, in the midst of pacific revolutions, reinvention of solidarity and flamboyant creativity. We ask itchy questions and explore solutions to bring our world back on its feet.


With talented contributing writers, photographers, illustrators, researchers, we dig deeply into stories. We are passionate about our content. We advocate for curated photography, well-documented articles, handpicked themes and a strong visual identity. With outstanding image quality, ethical publication values and often-innovative art direction, FIELDS is as smart as it is beautiful.


Our readers engage with FIELDS as a consistent source of inspiring content and alternative reflections on international affairs, human rights, arts and social justice. We are global daydreamers, we firmly believe that the world cannot be viewed solely through a western perspective. We are passionate about what we are doing and want to make our voices heard as far as we can.



Partners :






Liz Gomis

Paris, France


Mama Djombo’s daughter born and raised in Paris suburbs, trying to unravel unheard stories with her lens and pen since 2003.

Marta Streng

Stockholm, Sweden


Polish freelance photographer who lives in Stockholm, completely in love with Scandinavia, mooses, cats and coffee.

Matías Lamouret 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine freelance journalist, food lover, soccer fan and cinephile. Matías is interested in international politics and different cultures. Like a cat, he can’t help following, with his eyes, whatever moves.

Norman “Haz” Coore

Miami, USA

Jamaican American freelance photographer who only happens to take photos of his lover. Although private, he does enjoy travels, building things by hand, and digging deeper into his roots.

Olga Kononykhina

Berlin, Germany

Quantitative sociologist and data scientist; makes art, cultural and non-profit world better measured, but people behind numbers are her main source of inspiration.

Pascal Vo

Paris, France


French photographer, loves to capture life, tasting food and discover new countries.

Pat Kane

Yellowknife, Canada


Pat is a photographer covering Canada’s Far North. He’s driven the ice-roads in the Northwest Territories and eaten seal in Nunavut.

Benjamin Fraser McKenzie

Narara, Australia


Singer, performer and creative. Passionate about filmmaking, painting, dance, storytelling, photography, wearable art, makeup, body art and much more.

Roxane Cassehgari

New York, USA

French-Colombian-Iranian, adopted momentarily by New York. Aid worker in a past life, currently a human rights lawyer and an aspiring journalist, she wants to tell your story one day.

Selman Hosgor

Istanbul, Turkey


Selman Hosgor is a Istanbul based illustrator, graduated from Kadir Has University, Graphic Design department. His collages are made up of pıctures, typography and illustrations with vivid colors.

Tom Kennedy

Birmingham, UK.


Tom is an editorial and commercial photographer, specialising in portrait and fashion photography with a style consisting of colourful and energetic imagery.

Aurélie Tournois

Paris, France


Journalist, founder of Dancingfeet, music enthusiast, eyes turned towards Eastern Europe.

Yara Costa Pereira

Maputo, Mozambique

Journalist and filmmaker, Yara tries to make the world a better place for everyone, and thinks that she doesn’t have to do it alone.

Adeline Haverland

Sao Paulo, Brazil


French journalist and documentary filmmaker currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Feminist who strongly believes in world citizenship, love to discover new places and sings out loud under the shower.